Why should you get your boiler serviced?

14Someone recently told us that their annual boiler service was like having their car serviced: it was something they knew they should do, but sometimes just never got round to it. We shared a smile over this, but, on thinking about what was said, there are obvious comparisons.

It’s much worse when something goes wrong!

We know many people see their car service as time wasted when they could be at work, or enjoying some family activity, or the like. Yet, if they are on a trip somewhere and their car suddenly develops a fault, it can be a fractious, time-consuming disruption to their lives; and can even be dangerous. It’s a true saying that events change perspectives!

When a boiler fails, the results can also be much worse than you imagine, in terms of a variety of factors, even up to a possible danger to life in extremely cold weather. Even if you only suffered frustration from a lack of hot water, why take that risk when simple avoidance is a sensible option? Book that service now!

Annual boiler services deliver terrific value in two important ways

Firstly, an annual service involves a much lower outlay than having to invest in a new boiler. This is a major investment and you wouldn’t want it to happen suddenly, without even having had a chance to budget and plan for it. Secondly, an early diagnosis of even minor faults can help greatly extend the life of your system, at the same time as improving the efficiency of its performance over long periods. The chance of lower energy bills anyone?

An important element in boiler servicing

There is an increasing awareness of the worries of carbon monoxide poisoning and it’s a silent, stealthy problem, and left unchecked it can soon turn into a killer. Faulty appliances, especially older and not-serviced ones, are often a key source of such a danger.

Annual boiler servicing covers key areas including the flue, as well as header tanks, pumps, valves, cylinders and radiators. This preventative solution helps ensure home safety as well as comfort, and for a fraction of the cost of a complete boiler replacement.

One simple act to achieve all this: call our Williams Plumbing & Heating team on 07799 471 192 to discuss and book your service.

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