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Our top tips when considering a loft conversion

It is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the summer, to convert your loft as a means of obtaining more space without having to move home. You could think of it as a new fashion trend. Below we will give our top tips on what you should be thinking about when making the decision to invest in a loft conversion.

You cannot check how suitable your loft is for a project too thoroughly

Whether you hope to create a spare room, storage space or second bathroom, loft conversations can be transformative to your daily life. But many get caught out before their vision becomes a reality. Square footage, floor space, lighting, humidity, and seasonal temperatures are essential checks for every conversion – and never forget to factor in your loft entrance.

Always check with your local council

It’s not likely you’ll need planning permission for minor conversions such as storage panel installations, but you won’t waste much time checking. This is vital if you own an older home that may be listed; your council should help you arrange for any building consent requirements for changes to your listed property.

Ask your insurers

Like checking with your council, you won’t lose much time checking how your insurers feel about your loft conversion. Depending on the insurance company, you might even avoid picking up the phone and get your answers through an online chat.

Heating and lighting need to be right first time

Heating and lighting adaptations can be tricky in loft conversions – even experienced DIYers get caught out. It’s especially true if you own an older property that may have been rewired several times. Even if you’ve made similar adaptions before, it’s worth consulting a professional for your first loft conversion.

Incorrect plumbing can cost more than your loft conversion

Plumbing mistakes on your ground or first floor could affect 2 floors at most – mistakes to your loft plumbing could damage your entire home. We would strongly advise consulting an experienced plumber for every loft conversion – even if you feel confident.

There are many aspects that go into a loft conversion. At Williams SW Ltd we can work with you to create your perfect loft conversion. If you would like our expert help call or email us today

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