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Is your home prepared for the cold weather ahead?

Cold weather poses serious stability threats to many homes. With temperatures dropping, many of us are getting ready for the festive season, but research from Policy Expert reveals that 70% of people risk freezing because they fail to check whether the pipes are well-insulated. Also, 33% of homeowners fail to check their boiler and heating systems, risking freezing and costly repairs.

To minimise these risks, we have come up with some top tips to ensure your home is ready to face the winter weather:

1. Check boiler and heating system

Your boiler and heating system should be serviced by a registered plumber once a year. So get your broiler checked if you haven’t done so already. Also, understand how the system works to eliminate mistakes such as leaks.

2. Repair damaged chimneys

Inspect your chimney for signs of loose render and cracks around the pots and the roof joint. Check if the chimney’s crown or top seal has deteriorated as this can cause carbon monoxide hazards and fire risks.

3. Keep the central heating on

To prevent frost damage and frozen pipes, keep your central heating on and at 14 degrees Celsius throughout winter. In case you’ll be away on holiday, program your system to maintain this temperature, and allow water to trickle from faucets to prevent frozen pipes.

4. Keep your pipes warm

To prevent freezing and burst pipes due to cold weather, apply lag to water tanks and pipes located in exposed areas such as utility rooms, garages and lofts. No one want’s to spend the winter season without a reliable water supply.

5. Prepare your windows

Inspect your window frames and fill all cracks with putty, you can also add a coat of paint. Wet weather conditions and extreme temperatures can cause windowsills to expand and rot. Ensure all windows are sealed to prevent draughts.

6. Check your fuse box and electrics

Your home’s electrics are a main source of several types of insurance claims. Get a registered electrician to check your home’s wiring and the fuse box. It’s advisable to conduct all essential repairs before winter kicks in.

At Williams, we cover every aspect of plumbing, heating and electrical services that you will need to ensure your home is ready for winter! If you would like our expert help call or email us today, we are always happy to help.

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