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How to make the most of a small bathroom space

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to go without luxury. Thanks to Williams Plumbing & Heating, you can have a bathroom to rival those in luxurious hotels, even if you haven’t got hundreds of square feet of space to play with. Here are some of our favourite tips to make the most of even the smallest space.

Leave it hanging

Floating sinks leave floor space visible, meaning you get a sense of the full space available. If you can do away with the pedestal, a practical half height sink cabinet can be installed, which will hide pipes and give you useful storage space. Recessed shelving, where “boxes” are cut into the wall to provide shelving, is another way to gain much-needed storage. Integrating your taps and shower head into the wall, rather than the bathtub or traditional shower riser pole, are also great ways to save space.

Walk into luxury

If the space in your bathroom is too tight for even a reduced size bath, consider a walk-in shower instead. Add frosted panels for privacy if you’re worried about being near a window, and go for frameless shower doors or screens.

Use tiles as an optical illusion

Tiles can be used to convince the eye that there’s more space than there actually is. Marble pattern tiles are especially good at this. Use the same tiles on the wall, floor and the side panels of your bath. This trick can blur the boundaries of the bath, floor and wall, and will give the impression of a larger single space. If you’re tiling full height, you could add a feature band at half height, which gives the illusion of a wider space.

Shades of grey (and white)

Not only is grey a very popular colour at the moment, whites and greys are colours which keep the minimalistic look going. Avoiding busy patterns and maintaining a simple colour palette adds to a well-finished look. If you’re tiling, consider tiling half way up the wall height, and painting the top half with a bright white paint to reflect the light around the room more efficiently.

Slopes are not just for skiing

If your bathroom is in the dormer space or attic, you may have a problematic triangular shaped roof space to contend with. This is actually an ideal place to place a feature bath, with a feature wall behind it. Play up what might previously have been resigned as a dead space, and draw the eye across the room to it.

Don’t supersize your fittings

Be realistic about your space. Bathroom manufacturers produce sinks, baths and furniture in all sorts of sizes, from corner sinks to shorter baths. You could even consider having something specially commissioned if you have unusual dimensions to deal with. This is where consulting a team like Williams Plumbing & Heating, can be useful. We can provide fixtures which won’t look out of proportion.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are one of the oldest ways to make a room feel bigger. Not only will they spread light around the bathroom, the optical illusion they create can make the walls seem even further apart. You could even consider mirrored tiles if you’re very adventurous.

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