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How can I make my central heating system more efficient?

With winter on the horizon, central heating systems up and down the country will be kicking into action again. However, after months of hibernation, is your central heating system up to the challenge of keeping your building toasty and warm throughout the colder months?

With energy prices continually on the up, heating your home or business can prove costly. Yet, by making your central heating system more efficient, you can improve its heating output, and save money. Here's how…

Bleed your radiators

If your radiator doesn’t feel warm all over, there’s a good chance it will need bleeding. This is the process by which you remove trapped air from the radiator, so that hot water can flow more freely and heat it up more evenly. Bleeding a radiator is a fairly straightforward DIY job, but if you don’t feel confident about tackling it, contact Williams Plumbing & Heating for expert assistance!

Optimise your radiators

There are various ways you can make your radiators work harder, so they heat up your home more efficiently, without wasting costly energy. One simple option is to fit inexpensive reflectors behind radiators. These work by reflecting heat back into a room, so it doesn’t seep through walls.

If you haven’t got them already, thermostats on radiators are also another savvy option, as they let you control heat output, thus saving you money. Choose a central programmable thermostat, so you don’t waste precious energy when you’re not at home. The experts at Williams Plumbing & Heating can discuss the different options available and help find the right one for you!

Flush your heating system

Grime can build up in your heating system that can prevent water from circulating freely, so get your system flushed every now and again. To keep your system free from debris, you might also want to consider adding a filter or an inhibitor. Never attempt to tackle these tasks on your own; get in touch with our team at Williams Plumbing & Heating. We can also check that there are no air leaks in your heating system that may be reducing its efficiency.

In some cases, an old heating system may need upgrading if you want to improve energy efficiency and lower your bills over winter. Discuss your options with the knowledgeable and reliable experts at Williams SW Ltd today by calling us on: 0117 287 2811 or email us on:

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