Summer Boiler Care for Beginners

With temperatures rising, the summer months will put less demand on the boiler in your home. However, if you want to ensure you can rely on it when the cold creeps in there are certain tasks that you’re well-advised to perform.

Read on for some essential tips on looking after your boiler this summer. 

Turn it on
Switch on your central heating at least once every month. It doesn’t need to be for long, just until your radiators begin warming up, then you can turn it off again. This process will ensure your pump and diverter valve don’t seize up from lack of use and are ready for action when autumn rolls around. 
Lower the heat
Rather than switching off your boiler, consider lowering the temperature. Turn down your room thermostats to zero and decrease the water temperature too. You can enjoy cooler showers on sunny days, and smaller fuel bills too! 
Investigate your radiators
While not part of your boilers, radiators are a critical component of your heating system. Check they are heating up properly and have no signs of corrosion, i.e. rust or leaks. 
Book your yearly service
Take advantage of the summer months to have your boiler serviced. This will make sure it’s operating efficiently, safely, and reliably. Remember that if your boiler is within warranty, its yearly service is essential for this to stay valid. 
Replace or repair
Finally, take advantage of the warmer weather to get any necessary work completed on your boiler. If it needs updating or fixing this can be an ideal time to avoid any discomfort from the cold while maintenance is managed. 
At Williams SW Ltd, we are accredited installers of leading boiler brand Worcester Bosch. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing model with a new boiler or simply need help with professional plumbing contact us today for assistance. 

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