Seven ways to save money on your Heating this Winter

Keeping warm through the winter is essential for good health and feeling comfortable. At Williams SW we understand that rising heating bills can make it into a balancing act, so we have put together a few hints to help you keep warm, save energy, and save money.

1. Keep an eye on the thermostat 
Just a one-degree reduction can save around ten pounds over the winter – plus it gives you a chance to wear that gorgeous new jumper or fluffy socks. 
2. Check your system is working properly  
Checking that your heating system is working efficiently is simply a phone call away. Heating engineers can simply add chemicals or complete a hot power flush that not only makes your system more efficient, but it can also save on the bills and boiler breakdowns. 
3. Make the most of smart home controls 
Coming home to a toasty room after a long day is one of life’s simple pleasures and by making the most of smart home controls you can be sure your heating is on just when you need it. We at Williams SW specialise in smart controls.  
4. Programmable thermostat 
Even if your home is not set up for smart tech, the chances are you’ve got a programmable thermostat. These work by keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, so you can make sure your home never gets too hot or too cold. 
5. Save energy with a water-efficient shower head 
If your shower is fed from the boiler, an inefficient shower head could cause to you pour money down the drain. A water-efficient shower head reduces the amount of water you use, and so reduces the amount of energy needed to heat that water which saves you money. 
6. Plan your space 
Think about how you will organise your space this winter – putting a piece of furniture in front of a radiator will impede heat circulation, so you’ll feel chilly. Keeping your radiator clear means you can feel the full benefit of the heat it is generating. 
7. Recycle your heat 
Many activities in the home already generate heat, such as taking a shower or cooking a meal. Keeping certain doors closed means you can trap all that lovely heat inside – brilliant for keeping your lounge or living room cosy and saving energy on heating parts of your home you’re not using. 
For help with any of these tips or any other heating or plumbing issues, just get in touch on 0117 287 2811 or use our contact form online.


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