Reasons to Install Underfloor Heating

From homeowners paying off their mortgages to landlords who rent their properties, underfloor heating can be a worthwhile investment for many reasons. Read on to explore the financial advantages of this innovative option.

Water or electrical? 
Electric underfloor heating systems can be more expensive to operate than water-based solutions due to current tariffs but are cheaper to install. Water systems, on the other hand, are pricier to put in place but have lower running costs than electrical options. It may also depend on the type of flooring you are planning to install on top, and you may need to consult an underfloor heating expert.
Saving money with utilities 
Low-flow underfloor heating requires less energy overall to heat rooms than radiator systems. Additionally, systems installed with thermostats can help property owners save energy, reducing bills further. Being able to adjust when and where heating is used in a building can help households to cut costs by only warming up rooms in use. Landlords who supply apartments with utilities included can also benefit, regulating how much heating is being used to avoid tenants running up excessive bills. 
A return on your investment 
Underfloor heating is seen as a luxury inclusion in homes impacting how much people pay to live in them. Whether you’re selling your property or renting it out, underfloor warmth installed can allow you to increase your asking price. 
When is the best time to install underfloor heating? 
While turning on the heat might be far from your mind over the summer, the warmer months of the year can be an ideal time for installations. Whether you opt for electric underfloor heating or a water-based system, by fitting equipment early, you’ll be sure you can count on it when the cold creeps in. With all necessary plumbing and electrical work completed, you can relax and enjoy the warmth along with lower winter bills. 
If you need an underfloor heating installation around Bristol or would like advice on the best solution for your property, get in touch with our expert team at William SW Ltd today. 

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